Local 446 Annual Dues:

To sign up for membership, or renew your membership, give us a call at 306-352-1337 or submit the form below to have us call you back. We accept Visa and Mastercard over the phone.

When musicians join as a band, initiation fees are waived by the Local, a savings of $95 per band member.


Membership in the Regina Musicians’ Association confirms your status as a professional musician. When you become a member, you join not only this Local but 250,000 professional musicians around the world.

Affiliation with the American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada
This affiliation, over one hundred years old, allows our musicians to benefit from the power of the largest entertainment union in the world. International agreements protect AFM musicians from illegitimate use of their recordings and secure payment for re-use or new use worldwide.

International Federation of Musicians
Musicians of the Local 446 are automatically members of FIM. This organization, with headquarters in Paris, represents professional musicians around the world. It is active in fighting piracy and unauthorized use of tapes to accompany live productions.

Legal protection
The Local provides contract forms which protect the musician, his/her fee as well as establishing minimum working conditions. Local 446 CFM requires that members report all engagements using approved contract forms. Should any problems arise, the Local will represent the musicians in the effort to collect any amounts owed at no cost to the member.

Contract forms
The Local provides its members with appropriate contract forms that vary depending on the type of engagement, television, audio recording or live stage concerts. Some contract forms refer to conditions established by the Local while others refer to national CFM Federation negotiated agreements with producers such as the CBC.

Local 446 scales and unfair competition
The Local establishes minimum scales or working conditions, from time to time, to ensure fair competition amongst musicians in the same field. According to Local 446 Bylaws, members may not work for less than the minimum scales.

Local Bylaws and Policies
The Local is a democratic entity that provides every member the right to influence their association and its officers. Regular meetings are held by the Executive Board, as well as quarterly General Membership meetings, whereby members can determine the Local’s course and development.

Pension plan
Local contracts, as well as national AFM agreements, provide for the possibility of a pension payment by the producer on behalf of every musician. With over $681,000,000 in assets, the AFM-EPW Fund is one of the best pension plans in Canada. Some musicians are receiving over $6,000 per month. In 2013, the fund grew by nearly 80 million dollars, or over 19%!

The Music Performance Fund distributes royalties from the sale of records produced under the AFM Sound Recording Agreement. The royalties are distributed to all AFM locals and are used to stimulate an interest in live performances. Members may take advantage of this fund by applying at the Local.

Special Payments Fund
In addition to payment for a recording session, the AFM Sound Recording Agreement also provides a form of royalty that is payable to every musician having recorded under an AFM contract. This is known as the Special Payments and takes the form of an annual cheque in U.S. dollars that varies depending on the number of sessions performed by the musician.

The Local maintains a list of audition information from all the major orchestras for its members.

The Local’s affiliation with the AFM allows Canadian musicians to perform in the United States under a special visa program. Applications for this visa may be obtained at the Local office.

The official Local 446 newsletter, FORTE, is published quarterly. It contains information of interest to members such as notices of meetings, warnings about unfair producers and changes of address. It is also the official communications tool for Local 446 officers.

Our new website will contain a listing of all Local 446 members in good standing along with their contact information if they wish to be posted as available for work.

Instrument Insurance
Instrument insurance can be very expensive. Members of the Local can obtain reasonable coverage for all instruments under all conditions. We have been working with the same insurance provider for decades